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2025 for 2025 CAMPAIGN

This is a trust fund for the profession supported by the profession. Research and academic support are vital to our profession and since 1977 the COETF has supported optometric research, education, growth and professional development through unrestricted cash awards of over two million dollars to qualified applicants.

Help us reach 2025 UNIQUE donors by 2025 who each donate a total of $2025.00.

Donate as a one time donation, monthly recurring donations, or annual recurring donations!


The COETF / University of Waterloo Research Webinar Series

In partnership with the University of Waterloo School of Optometry, COETF is offering a free Research Webinar Series highlighting some of the research projects that are funded each year. Three webinars have been scheduled for the remainder of this year with each one hour webinar consisting of presentations on three distinct research projects. Each webinar will offer CE points for attending.


Registration to attend will open soon but mark your calendars in the meantime! The dates for these webinars are Wednesday September 15, 2021, Thursday October 14, and Monday November 15, 2021. All webinars will run from 1:00pm ET - 2:00pm ET.

Wednesday, September 15:

Development of an internally heated in vitro eye model to evaluate contact lens dehydration
Speaker: Chau-Minh Phan


The presentation will cover the development of a heated in vitro eye model to test contact lens dehydration. Factors such as temperature, air exposure, and blinking can impact the rate of dehydration of a contact lens.
CE Credits: 0.25 (COPE ID: 73608)


Evaluating the effects of brain stimulation on bistable perception and visual cortex plasticity
Speaker: Dania Abuleil


Our aim is to investigate the capacity of the brain to change by studying the effects of visual and electrical stimulation on binocular rivalry alternation rates in adults.
CE Credits: 0.25 (COPE ID: 73489)


Efficacy of vision-based treatments for children and teens with amblyopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Speaker: Taylor Brin


This project analyzed the results of randomized clinical trials testing amblyopia treatments (e.g. patching, binocular treatments) to assess their ability to improve visual acuity of the amblyopic eye.
CE Credits: 0.25  (COPE ID: 73490)

Thursday, October 14:
Sue and Liz.jpg

Differential acuity for measuring VA in infants

Speakers: Susan Leat & Elizabeth Irving


This presentation notes that testability using "differential" acuity was found to be higher at a lower age than commercially available existing tests of recognition VA. Differential VA has potential for measuring VA in infants aged 24-36 months.

CE hours: 0.25 (COPE ID: 73858)

Kirsten Carter_Headshot.jpg

A starting point for scleral lens fitting ocular sagittal height measured with OCT and Scheimpflug CSP software in keratoconic and healthy eyes

Speaker: Kirsten Carter


This presentation used two imaging methods to measure ocular sagittal height to fit scleral lenses in eyes with and without keratoconus. For both groups, measurements between instruments were not clinically significantly different.

CE hours: 0.25 (COPE ID: 73855)

head shot.jpg

Short Term Comfort Responses Associated with the Use of EyeLid Cleansing Products to Manage Demodex folliculorum

Speaker: William Ngo


This presentation reviews a study wherein 25 participants used 5 different lid cleaning products and their discomfort was assessed over a 10-minute period. The results may inform clinicians about what to expect when using Demodex eyelid cleansers

CE hours: 0.25 (COPE ID: 73855)

Monday, November 15:
SukoA - Headshot.jpg

Finite element model of the avian crystalline lens

Speaker: Adeline Suko


This presentation reviews what will happen when confocal images are used to model and simulate contractions of proteins in the chicken lens. Methods of mapping out the protein network were compared to determine the most feasible one to create the model.

CE hours: 0.25 (TBC - COPE ID: 75014 )


Investigation of effect of multiple visual impairments on motion perception in individuals with low vision

Speaker: Amritha Stalin


This presentation considers that visual acuity is the most common vision assessment completed in patients with low vision, but it does not provide information about motion perception, which is critical for daily life activities. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of visual impairments on global motion perception in individuals with low vision and to assess how global motion perception relates to other common vision functions.

CE hours: 0.25 (COPE ID: 74298)

Liz Drolle Headshot.png

Nanoscale Comparison of Meibum Thin Films from Dry Eye and Non-Dry Eye Individuals

Speaker: Elizabeth Drolle


This presentation reviews what happens when nanoscale surface features of thin films from dry eye and non-dry eye individuals were characterized using atomic force miccroscopy and Kelvin probe force microscopy in order to compare meibum from these two groups.

CE hours: 0.25 ((COPE ID: 74299)

wnl LOGO.png

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Thank you to our 2020 Campaign Donors

 $  8,000.00    Michael York

 $  6,800.00    Barry Thienes

 $  3,900.00    Donald Williamson

 $  3,750.00    Joan Hansen

 $  3,100.00    Scott Mundle

 $  2,025.00    Joshua Smith

 $  2,020.00    Jerome Breker

 $  2,020.00    Michael Dennis/Julie Louie

 $  2,020.00    Craig Menzies

 $  2,020.00    Sandra Taylor

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