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Dorrie Morrow Memorial Fund

COETF and Dr. Susan Joe are proud to announce a Memorial Fund in memory of Dr. Dorrie Morrow. While studying optometry at the University of Waterloo, Dr. Morrow developed a special interest in children’s vision, particularly for marginalized and at-risk children who did not have access to regular vision care. Throughout her professional life, children’s vision remained her passion and is one of her defining legacies.


Highlights of Dr. Morrow’s career include:


  • While involved with the AAO and CAO, she developed the highly successful Eye See Eye Learn Program that ensured all children in Kindergarten had access to a comprehensive eye exam and eyewear, provided free of charge to those families in need.

  • Dr. Morrow gave countless hours to the CAO’s Children’s Vision Initiative, approaching this work with unwavering commitment and quiet tenacity.

  • Dr. Morrow was the first woman President of the Alberta Association of Optometrists from 1994-1996

  • Dr. Morrow was the 39th President of the Canadian Association of Optometrists from 2005-2007.

  • Dr. Morrow received many prestigious awards recognizing her innumerable contributions to the profession and her community, including the CAO President’s Award.


At the request of Dr. Morrow’s colleagues and friends, COETF has established a fund for research grants in the area of children’s vision health to recognize Dr. Morrow’s contributions to the profession; particularly, her passion for children’s vision. Dr. Morrow’s legacy will continue through the provision of financial support to optometric students, new graduates and researchers who demonstrate a similar interest in and commitment to children’s vision.


With your donations, COETF can help support:


  1. Students demonstrating an interest and excellence in paediatric vision care and vision therapy who wish to further their studies in this area;

  2. Researchers focused in any area of paediatric vision including but not limited to:

    • The effects of excessive device use and blue light on the development of children’s eyes;

    • Ocular development; and

    • Testing procedures and therapies for children with disabilities or who are nonverbal;

  3. An optometrist who provides paediatric vision care and vision therapy to underserviced populations by providing mobile equipment and therapy programs not utilized in a general optometric practice. Emphasis would be on remote or rural communities, Indigenous, or marginalized communities.

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To Donate


Please click here to download the pdf registration form.

(Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes will be issued directly from COETF)

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