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David McKenna Memorial Fund

In March 2014 we were deeply saddened about the passing of Dr. David McKenna. David will be remembered for many things but mostly he will be remembered for his upbeat personality and his ability to make people laugh.

David loved optometry and he worked hard both provincially and nationally to bring positive change to the profession.  On the national level, David was Prince Edward Island's representative to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, Canadian Examiners of Optometry and he served on the CEO Executive. He was a Trustee of the Canadian Optometric Trust Fund from 1988-1991, Chair of the CAO Congress in 1993 and Co-Chair of the 2009 CAO Congress in P.E.I.  Provincially he was a member of the Association’s Executive for his entire career and he worked on the steering committee for provincial TPAs.  He was a host and a mentor to many optometry students from the University of Waterloo and generously shared his knowledge and his home to some of the students. David believed strongly in the future and the growth of optometry as a profession.

It was David's love for optometry that brought together a number of David's friends and colleagues to set up a memorial fund in his name. We are an ambitious group with a goal to raise $75,000. David was a leader in his profession and contributed to the betterment of the profession for his entire career.   By making a donation in his memory you will ensure that the spirit of David's generosity continues. COETF is optometry’s only charitable organization that supports optometric research and education in Canada. The funds raised in David’s memory will be set aside in a special designated fund and used for projects that benefit optometry students, including support for externships.

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