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The COETF Annual Awards Program for 2017

The COETF was created in 1976 by the members of the Canadian Association of Optometrists to assist programs in research, education and human resources development in the vision and eye care field in Canada.

Through its annual program of Awards, the COETF has supported faculty development, research and/or specialized education programs carried out by graduate students and investigative projects conducted by undergraduates and faculty at Canada's schools of optometry, as well as projects undertaken by independent practitioners or members of the public.

In 2017, the COETF received a total 41 applications. Of those, 16 were granted at least partial funding for projects or research. In most cases, applicants are not given full funding as the total amount of funding requested greatly exceeds the money available for granting. Awards funding is based on the revenue from interest earned over the previous year and the donations received from Canadian Optometrists.

All award recipients are required to submit an interim report on their project and a final report upon completion. In an effort to recognize some of the projects and research being done by COETF award recipients the Awards Committee will publish project reports in the Canadian Journal of Optometry (CJO) so that our members across the country can learn more about where COETF funding goes, as well as highlighting exciting optometric research.

Research and academic support are vital to our profession. COETF is our charity and needs our contributions, now more than ever. Please give generously and often. To donate online or download a donation form please click here.

The deadline for applications each year is in early February. For additional information about the application process or a copy of the application form, contact

The COETF Annual Awards Program for 2017 - Results

School of Optometry, University of Waterloo

School of Optometry, Montréal


Total Applications

Total Waterloo School of Optometry Applications


Total Montréal École d’Optométrie Applications


Total Independent Practitioner Applications


Total for 2017


Total Funding Requested

$ 159,682.50

$ 21,368.00

$ 13,210.00

$ 194,260.50

$ 7,379,211.46

Total Applications





Total Funding Provided

$ 24,800.00

$ 4,620.00

$ 2,580.00

$ 32,000.00

$ 1,990,213.00

Total (Since Inception)

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